Dunlop SP Sport 270

Maximum High-Performance Sport Tire


  • Innovative, asymmetrical tread design (55 series)
  • Large, stable, interconnected tread blocks
  • Independent inner tread blocks with open shoulder grooves
  • Full-width, twin cut steel belts
  • Exclusive, high performance all-season tread compound
  • Full-face, cross-cut sipes
  • Four deep, wide circumferential tread grooves combine with sweeping intermediate tread grooves
  • Max Flange Shield®


  • Optimum balance of grip and performance
  • Stromg dry cornering grip and stability
  • Powerful water dispersion and all-season grip
  • Ride uniformity and excellent footprint shape
  • Enhanced grip, control, energy absorption and tread wear in a wide range of driving and weather conditions
  • Multiple biting edges for enhanced wet grip and all-season traction
  • Excellent water dispersion and enhanced wet grip
  • Helps protect rims from accidental curb damage


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